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Crash reenactments have impact on high school students

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2017 | Car Accident

From the 1960s through the 1980s, the great scourge of the roads was drivers operating their vehicles while they were intoxicated. This has remained a major problem, but as the generations have shifted, new problems have emerged. Distracted driving has become a massive problem nowadays. Too many people take out their cellphones while they are driving, and as a result, the likelihood that they get involved in an accident greatly increases.

This negligent behavior is common among younger drivers – not just because younger people are inherently a little bit more rebellious, but also because they have grown up in a totally different world than anyone else, where smartphones have been the norm since their birth. So with this new trend, there has naturally been a response. High schools are starting to stage dramatic reenactments of car accidents to drive home the point that distracted driving is incredibly dangerous.

As you can see in our source article today, the reenactments seem to be having an effect. Students at one high school told reporters that the reenactments made a huge impact on them.

While these are great steps to try to curb a dangerous behavior in impressionable teenagers (who are also about to get their drivers’ licenses), there will still be people who make unwise decisions and drive while using a cellphone. When these drivers cause accidents, it is imperative that the victims of the wreck consult with a car wreck attorney so that their case can be fully investigated.

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