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The Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

On Behalf of | May 11, 2017 | Motorcycle Accident

As the years have gone by, technological advancements have proven to increase car safety. There are side airbags, rearview cameras that display video to a car’s dashboard, automated braking systems, lane departures warnings, dash cams and many other safety improvements that have improved the lives of car drivers.

But what about motorcyclists? Given the nature of the vehicle, it is difficult to make major technological advancements that improve motorcycle safety.

However, steps have been taken to improve the motorcycle helmet, thus giving motorcyclists more tools to protect themselves and stay safe out on the road. Part of that protection comes in the physical safety improvements from the motorbike helmet industry, and the other part of that protection comes from defending your innocence in a motor vehicle accident.

There are numerous helmets that are either in development or out on the road that have rear-facing cameras. The visor of the helmet then displays the video captured by the rearview camera, allowing motorcyclists to see behind them very easily.

There are also many helmets that have cameras facing forward, allowing motorcyclists to capture critical video that could be used as evidence in a personal injury case. If your helmet doesn’t have a camera, you can easily buy a camera that can be attached to your helmet. Having an live action camera or GoPro on your helmet while riding will provide both enjoyment from the high-quality video footage, as well as helping to protect you in the case of a motorcycle accident.

When considering what video capture system to utilize when riding your motorcycle there are several functionality elements to consider for capturing video footage. Finding the best motorcycle helmet cameras involves finding a video recording helmet cam system with the best balance of:

  • High definition video and image quality
  • 4k resolution or full HD video
  • High-speed recording
  • Hypersmooth playback
  • Recording time
  • Shockproof
  • Helmet mount
  • Live streaming
  • High-resolution or HDR
  • Slow motion playback
  • Image stabilization or electronic image stabilization
  • Remote control
  • Time-lapse playback
  • Rechargeable battery capable
  • Wifi capable
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Bluetooth control
  • Voice control
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Touch screen
  • Removable storage such as a micro SD card
  • Video stabilization
  • Waterproof camera or weather resistant (a waterproof case is a good alternative)

There are many different setups, brands, and options available to the modern motorcycle rider. Action camera setups are available from GoPro, Sony, Garmin, Akaso, SENA, Campark and more. Some of the most popular high-end models are the GoPro Hero 7, GoPro Hero 8, and Sony FDR X-3000, and popular models that are more economical are the Akaso Brave 7 or Campark X30.

Video evidence is incredibly important if you ride a motorcycle. If you claim that a driver was negligent and caused an accident, having video evidence that clearly shows the other driver’s actions or negligence in real-time can solidify your legal claims and make it very difficult for the defendant to contradict your side of the case.

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