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Serious injuries as 2 tractor trailers involved in I-670 pileup

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2017 | Truck Accident

Interstate 670 was shut down a couple of weeks ago after a devastating accident between two tractor trailers closed the eastbound portion of the highway for six hours. Two other vehicles became entangled in the wreck after debris and cargo from one of the tractor trailers hit a car, and another vehicle was struck by the jackknifed trailer of the other truck.

The crash was so severe that the two cabs of the tractor trailers became stuck together for hours. One of the officers at the scene said that it was one of the longest extrications he had ever seen. One of the drivers of the tractor trailers was stuck in the cab for at least an hour and had to be taken to a hospital for serious injuries that he suffered in the wreck.

This truck accident brings two things to light. The first is the incredible power and awe-inducing force that trucks have. These are big, heavy vehicles traveling at tremendous speeds on the highway. When they are involved in a crash, it is highly likely that injuries and tremendous damage will occur.

The other factor here is the cargo of the trucks. Cargo plays a huge role in accidents, and a wreck can often be traced back and blamed on the cargo of a truck. Was it improperly loaded? Was the truck carrying too much cargo? Was the cargo improperly secured? All of these things could play a role in a crash.

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