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Three injured after three trucks collide

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | Truck Accident

While the following truck accident didn’t occur here in Missouri or even in Kansas, it still is an important story to talk about. It shows the incredible power of these vehicles and how they can dramatically impact the lives of accident victims.

The crash in question happened in Iowa, and it involved three trucks. A truck that was in the southbound lanes of a highway was slowing down to attempt a left turn. As the truck did this, a larger semi truck collided into the back of the turning vehicle. This caused a chain reaction, eventually ensnaring the third vehicle into the crash — another semi truck that was travelling northbound on the highway.

All three of the drivers involved in this crash had to be hospitalized because of their injuries. The highway had to be completely closed as a result of the crash, in part because one of the trucks spilled its contents onto the road — which happened to be an acidic substance. Little else is known about the crash, other than the three injuries and the spilt cargo.

What is clear from this accident is that the damage caused by these three trucks colliding was significant, but that isn’t anything new. Truck accidents usually have more serious injuries and more damage involved, simply by the very nature of these vehicles. They are bigger and more powerful than other vehicles.

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