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Serious injuries involved in KC motorcycle crash

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2018 | Motorcycle Accident

While the following story is a bit older, the age of the story has nothing to do with the details and the content of it. A motorcycle was involved in a crash with a passenger vehicle in Kansas City, Missouri, leading to a devastating accident that left the motorcyclist with serious injuries that required hospitalization.

The wreck appears to be the fault of the motorcyclist, as the police do not believe the driver of the car was at fault. It seems that the motorcyclist was trying to get around stopped traffic before he sped into the passenger vehicle. Obviously, this is a dangerous move by the motorcyclist and no one should attempt this.

What is also unfortunate about this accident is that it plays into the stereotype that motorcyclists are daredevils that never obey the law. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Most motorcyclists are law-abiding, honest, good people that simply prefer to ride a motorcycle than a passenger vehicle. Perpetuating the idea that all motorcyclists are bad vehicle operators only hurts their assumption of innocence and their rights to a fair investigation into any crash that they are involved in.

We’d like to focus on the serious injuries in this story. Motorcyclists are naturally at a much higher risk of serious injury when they get into an accident than people in cars. There just isn’t enough safety equipment to protect them. So when they are injured in a motorcycle accident and negligence is involved on the part of another vehicle operator, the motorcyclist needs to consider holding them accountable in civil court.

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