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The emotional toll of a spinal cord injury

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2018 | Personal Injury

A spinal cord injury is difficult to deal with from a physical perspective, but it can be just as challenging from an emotional and mental aspect. If you or a loved one recently suffered a spinal cord injury, you should learn about how to help the mind, in addition to the body,l cope with the situation. This includes knowing to watch for signs of depression and learning how to work through the mental difficulties that you might face.

There are many reasons why you might suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges after a spinal cord injury. Here are some points that you should remember about these situations.

Challenges can appear suddenly

You might notice that mood swings happen frequently now. You might be having fun with your friends, and all of a sudden, feel like you are so sad that you can’t continue putting on a happy face. This is normal after a spinal cord injury because of the extreme impacts of having to live with the consequences of the accident.

The sudden nature of these issues can make them harder for you and those around you to cope. Friends and family members might have trouble understanding why you no longer have control over when these emotions bubble the surface.

Support groups might help

Support groups might help you to learn ways to cope with these situations. You can hear from other people in similar circumstances and find out what they have done to try to make things easier for them. You might discover some ideas that help you and others that just don’t work.

You aren’t the only person who can find a support group to attend. Your loved ones might benefit from finding methods for them to cope with the effects of your injuries. This is especially true for caregivers who now must focus on making sure your needs are met. These individuals are often under great stress, and finding a support system can make it less taxing.

Depression is a concern

There are times when normal sadness will turn into depression. One out of every five patients who have spinal cord injuries gets diagnosed with this condition. Seeking help from a mental health professional might become necessary. Make sure that you don’t allow yourself to wallow in your sadness. If you can’t bring yourself out of the depths of despair, you should talk to someone. There is a chance that you will need medication to help you.