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Chemical burns might occur after a car wreck

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2019 | Car Accident

Being involved in a car wreck comes with several risks. Many people don’t think about things like gasoline, battery acid or vehicle fluids after the crash. This can be a big challenge because many of these can lead to chemical burns.

If you are involved in a car crash, you should try to ensure that you aren’t putting yourself at risk of suffering this type of injury. Be careful where you touch and try to stop your eyes from coming into contact with anything, which is challenging if there is something that is spraying.

Risks that can lead to problems

Even some of the things that you don’t think will cause problems can if you are subjected to prolonged exposure. For this reason, getting the substances off your skin is a priority after the accident. This can pose a challenge because there might be a lack of water and some chemicals might not be easy to remove just by rinsing. Seeking medical care can make this a bit easier since the medics have more at their disposal to deal with chemical burns.

First aid for exposure

Even if you don’t think that the substance is injuring you, removing it must be a priority. Don’t cover the area up since this may trap heat, which could make the chemical burn worse. The exact first aid you need depends on the chemical, the area of exposure, the duration of contact and the condition of the area. It is imperative that you have the area treated quickly to reduce the severity of the damage.

Symptoms of a chemical burn

You are likely going to experience burning and redness at the site of the contact. You may see blisters or feel pain. If the chemical gets into your eyes, your vision might be altered. If you breathe it in, you might have shortness of breath. Vomiting might occur if you swallow it. In some cases, you may not have any symptoms right away, but they become apparent in the period after the exposure.

The recovery from a chemical burn can be challenging, especially when it covers a large area of the body or is severe. If you are dealing with this type of injury after a car wreck, you might opt to pursue a claim for compensation against the person or parties who caused the accident.