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Bicyclists should always be aware of their surroundings

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Bicycle Accident

Riding a bicycle can be an easy and effective way to get some exercise or simply get to a nearby destination in a timely manner. However, it’s important that you remain aware of your surroundings while crossing an intersection or while riding on a sidewalk in close proximity to vehicle or pedestrian traffic. Doing so may prevent injuries that require a trip to a Kansas City hospital.

What to watch for when going through an intersection

When going through an intersection, it’s important to keep an eye on vehicles that aren’t slowing down for a yellow or red light. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on other bicyclists or pedestrians who may be in the street as they may be distracted by their phones or by their own thoughts. Although a collision with a pedestrian may not be as severe as a bicycle accident involving a car, you could still experience significant injuries or property damage.

What to keep an eye on while using a bike lane or sidewalk

If a bike lane is available, you should use it while riding on public streets. Generally speaking, sidewalks are only to be used if necessary to avoid a collision with another car. In either scenario, pay close attention to any vehicles that are parked on the side of the road. This is because you could be seriously hurt if a door opens or if a vehicle pulls out into traffic.

Take extra precautions when cycling at night

At night, it’s critical that you and your bike can be seen by oncoming traffic. Ideally, you will wear reflective clothing, bring a flashlight or take other steps to make your presence known. It may also be a good idea to avoid bike trails, parks or other locations that aren’t adequately lit after sundown.