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Left-hand lanes and semi-truck accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Truck Accidents

States regulate traffic laws, including rules regarding driving in the left-hand lane. In Kansas, anyone driving in the far left lane may receive a ticket if they are not doing so to pass another vehicle. The rule applies to cars and trucks, and truck drivers might be more adherent to it due to concerns over their job. However, there are exceptions, and in some cases, commercial drivers may cause accidents.

Driving in the fast lane

The left-hand lane is sometimes referred to as the fast lane, not because the maximum speed limit might differ but because drivers use that lane to speed up and pass. However, anyone who spends extended time in the left lane at a high speed to avoid the often slower right-hand lane may receive a ticket.

A commercial truck driver might not wish to become stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle, so the trucker could make a legal pass. All attempts to pass other vehicles require careful consideration since a semi-truck has larger blind spots than a smaller vehicle.

Moving violations and accidents

Truck and motor vehicle accidents often happen because someone committed a moving violation, such as speeding or an unsafe lane change. Drivers may become frustrated with slower-moving vehicles and experience road rage, moving into the left lane without looking or aggressively changing lanes. This is dangerous in any situation but when a truck driver does this, the consequences can be more severe.

Not using a turn signal or refusing to check blindspots could be negligent. Anyone, meaning truck or car drivers, whose negligence causes an accident may face civil litigation if someone suffers injuries or property damage. Sometimes, people lose their lives due to a driver’s ill-advised and dangerous behavior.

Similarly, driving in the left lane at high speeds could support a negligence claim. Again, drivers should primarily use left lanes for passing other vehicles and avoid spending excessive amounts of time in this lane.