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Motorcycle safety tips for summer in Kansas

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents

Kansas has open roads and diverse scenery perfect for motorcyclists. But before taking a spin this summer, focus on safety first. Kansas Traffic Crash Facts publication reported 815 motorcycle crashes in Kansas in 2019. Reduce your chances of becoming a motorcycle accident statistic by following safety rules.

Ride when it’s cool

Unlike most motor vehicles, a motorcycle doesn’t have the comfort of an air conditioner. Motorcyclists are at risk for heat exhaustion when riding during the summer.

It’s usually the hottest in the early afternoon. However, mornings and late evenings are often pleasant. You’re less likely to get heat exhaustion when riding in cooler temperatures. Stay hydrated, as well.

Scan for hazards

You might find yourself driving on unfamiliar roads during your summer travels. Watch for potholes, cracked pavement and bumps. Those hazards can cause motor vehicle accidents – especially when the vehicle is a motorcycle.

Remain visible

Some drivers aren’t that attentive when it comes to motorcyclists. It’s easy for a motorcycle to get lost in a driver’s blind spot. That means you’re not visible in the driver’s rearview or side mirrors.

You can remain visible by maintaining a reasonable distance from other vehicles. Also, ensure your motorcycle has working lights and consider wearing reflective gear.

Wear a helmet

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports helmets are the most effective way to save lives during a crash. The CDC also says that a helmet reduces the risk of a traumatic head injury by 69 percent.

Taking the proper precautions can keep you safe while riding on a summer day. You can’t always prevent an accident, but you can reduce the risk of getting an injury or worse.