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Safety tips for bicyclists and pedestrians

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents

The warm, sunny weather in Kansas makes for a perfect day walking or bicycling. However, this also means more motor vehicles may be on the roads, which can cause more congestion and accidents. These are some tips for pedestrians and cyclists to keep them safer.

Avoid blind spots

Many motor vehicle accidents occur because other drivers, pedestrians or cyclists remain in blind spots for too long. This is a danger that can cause catastrophic injuries or even death. If you can’t see a driver in their mirrors, it means they can’t see you, either. Avoid lingering in blind spots, especially if a vehicle is going in reverse.

Remain alert

It’s common for pedestrians and cyclists to listen to music or use their phones while on the road. However, this can be dangerous as it serves as a distraction. It’s crucial to remain alert at all times; you need to see and hear everything around you to avoid getting into an accident. Only check your phone when it’s safe such as while lingering on the sidewalk.

Stay seen

If you’re outside walking or riding your bicycle after dark, take steps to be visible. Wear bright-colored clothing with reflectors. Cyclists should ensure their bikes are equipped with reflectors and lights so drivers can see them sharing the roads.

Obey the rules

Cyclists are required to follow the rules of the road just like drivers. Stop at red lights, stop signs, and crosswalks if pedestrians are crossing the street. If you’re a pedestrian, only cross at the crosswalk where you’re visible.

Avoid alcohol and drugs

When you plan to go out walking or ride your bicycle, avoid consuming alcohol or drugs. Becoming intoxicated can put you at a greater risk of accidents and serious injury. Staying sober keeps you sharp and better able to anticipate potential danger and control the situation.

Pedestrians and cyclists have the right to share the road with cars. You can stay safer by following these steps and using your common sense.