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How to drive defensively around trucks

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | Car Accident

A commercial truck is larger than your car and harder to maneuver. When driving on Kansas roads, don’t take any chances around the big rigs because if there’s an accident, your car could be totaled and its occupants seriously injured. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind.

Don’t tailgate

Truckers sit up high, with a clear view of the road ahead and may have to hit the brakes anytime. If you’re behind them, there’s a good chance you’ll rear-end them, causing damage to your car and probable bodily injury.

Don’t merge in front of trucks

Leave plenty of room between you and the truck when you crossover in front of it. If you’re too close and the driver needs to brake, the 18-wheeler may hit you going full speed. It takes longer for a heavy vehicle to slow down.

Pass trucks quickly

Don’t ride alongside trucks for any length of time. The side of the rig is the danger zone if a tire blows, which is a common occurrence. Speed up and pass as quickly as you can.

Allow ample turning room

Long, heavy vehicles need ample room to turn. Give the trucker the right of way, and don’t proceed until the truck finishes the turn. There are many blind spots on a semi-truck. Keep your distance.

Watch out on mountain roads

You don’t want to be in front of an oversized truck on a mountain road. If the driver tries to stop on a downhill portion, momentum will keep pushing it forward.

Pay attention

Driving around big rigs requires your complete focus. Keep your eyes on the road, stay alert and don’t drink, eat or text while in their vicinity.

Trucks are a familiar sight on Kansas roads. Keep your distance, and stay safe.