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I was hit by an Uber/Lyft/Rideshare driver. Now what?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2024 | Car Accidents

Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft have become integral parts of urban transportation. While this choice of transport is convenient, accidents involving rideshare vehicles can be disorienting and overwhelming. If you find yourself in such a situation, it’s crucial to understand how rideshare insurance works and the steps you should take to secure compensation.

When a rideshare driver is online and actively providing transportation services, the rideshare company’s insurance policy typically serves as the primary coverage for any accidents that occur during this time. However, in some cases, the rideshare driver’s personal insurance may come into play if the damages exceed the rideshare company’s insurance policy limits.

Safety first

The immediate aftermath of an accident can be chaotic. However, prioritizing safety is paramount. If you’re able to move, check yourself and others for injuries. If you require medical attention, it’s best to contact emergency services immediately.

Contact authorities

Regardless of the accident’s severity, it’s also essential to report the incident to the police. Requesting a police report can provide crucial documentation for insurance claims and legal proceedings.

Gather information

Collecting information at the scene is vital for any future claims or legal actions. You or your legal team should try to obtain the following:

  • Rideshare driver’s details: Get the name of the rideshare driver involved in the accident and record the driver’s insurance details, including the insurance company’s name and policy number.
  • Rideshare vehicle information: Note down the vehicle’s license plate number and identify the make, model and color of the vehicle involved.
  • Witness accounts: If there are any witnesses to the accident, gather their contact information. Witness statements can corroborate your version of events if needed.

It would help if you used your smartphone or a camera to take photographs of the accident scene to capture images of any damage to vehicles involved.

Seek medical attention

Remember that even if you feel uninjured immediately after the accident, seeking medical evaluation is advisable. Some injuries, such as internal trauma, may not manifest symptoms right away. Moreover, medical records can play a crucial role in seeking compensation.

Notify the rideshare company

Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare services have specific protocols for accidents involving their drivers. Contact the rideshare company to report the incident and inquire about their procedures.

Being involved in an accident with a passenger-carrying Uber/Lyft driver can be a stressful experience, but knowing what steps to take can help alleviate some of the uncertainty. By prioritizing safety, gathering information and seeking appropriate medical care and legal guidance, you can navigate the post-crash process with greater confidence and help ensure that your rights are protected.